We've created the most power logistics management tool for business owners and customers to service the largest self-employed industry in America. 1

Our "Why"

1. To Make Lives Better

After experiencing the struggles of running a lawn care business firsthand, we created a tool to manage every part of your lawn business except cutting the grass.

  • Instant Payout
  • Smart Routing
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Accurate & Profitable Quotes
  • Customer Acquisition

CUTTARU brings success to lawn care

2. To Create The Best Lawn Care Experience

With CUTTARU, you get:

  • An immediate quote (not 24 hours, immediate)
  • Consistently reliable and qualified service
  • Hassle-free payments (eg. no more written checks or invoices!)
  • Auto-recurring, custom scheduled, or one-time mows—ALL with same-day option
  • Clear, precise communication with your service providers

In short, you have fast, affordable, and quality lawn care conveniently placed in the palm of your hand.

CUTTARU creates amazing experiences


1 Multiplying total number of people in each occupation by percentage of self-employed workers reported according to Bureau of Labor Statistics