About Us

Our Story

After working in lawn care for several years, Jared saw enough unchanged and inefficient systems and processes to break out on his own to flip the largest self-employed industry upside-down—giving the power (and the dollars) back to the small lawn care provider.

Our Name

The name, CUTTARU, goes back to Jared's roots as he actually has dual citizenship to New Zealand. The native Māori people of New Zealand use "taru taru"—or "taru" for short—when referring to "grass".

Our Team

Jared Burgess  Founder & CEO

Jared Burgess

Jared's amazing. I mean, what else can I say?!

Kevin Kirchner  CTO

Kevin Kirchner

Kevin is most passionate about empowering people and their ideas so they can reach their full potential. With a multidisciplinary background in over a decade of UI/UX Design, Software Engineering, and Marketing, he helps bring dreams to reality.

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